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People who explore the world’s mountains hiking, trekking or climbing often experience a lack of useful maps in many popular destinations.

Major peaks word wide are covered by many books and travel guides but good topographical maps are still not available or do not satisfy the mountaineers’ needs.

This inspired us to create thematic mountain maps of some of the most prominent peaks worldwide as part of the climbing-map project. Our High-quality topographic maps with thematic content not only help with orientation and navigation but also provide geographic and mountaineering backgrund information.

Map Contents and Cartography

Based on our professional background in mountain guiding and cartography we are very familiar with the specific requirements for maps used for navigating unfamiliar terrain. The topographic representation of the landscape is designed based on the best available information and a significant amount of field work. Moreover, the maps contain important additional information regarding mountaineering and local geography.

Climbing Maps are multi-lingual and easy to understand for everybody. They are professionally designed to meet the highest Swiss mapping quality standards regarding information display, readability and beauty.

The carefully crafted Climbing Maps not only portray the topographic landscape but also include high quality pictures, general maps and drawings. They are a useful tool while preparing a tour, en route, and a wonderful souvenir to keep the memories of your adventure alive.


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